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LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy Demo Released!

For those of you interested in LEGO as well as the Star Wars universe, a LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy demo is now available. The demo contains one mission from the A New Hope chapter.

Demo is 438MB and has Luke and Obi-Wan wandering through Mos Eisley in the first film section.

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy aims to expand on the brilliance of the first LSW, which saw players hot-swapping between heroes and villains of the prequel-trilogy on a bouncy and stupidly enjoyable no-death adventure.


August 8. 2006

New Update for Star Wars Galaxies

LucasArts has announced that the Chapter 2: The Talus Incident update for Star Wars Galaxies is now available. The update features a new adventure, a Profession Expertise System for Jedi and Bounty Hunters, additional Galactic Civil War PvP bases, and character appearance enhancements. The new adventures see the return of CorSec Agent Tarna from Chapter 1: The Corellian Captives. Players must help her unravel a mystery on the planet Talus that involves one of those hunter-or-hunted calamities. A new Profession Expertise System has been added for the Jedi and Bounty Hunters, allowing players to earn and allocate talent points to unlock new skills and attributes and differentiate their character from others in the same profession. New Galactic Civil War PvP bases have also been added. Each base has a different objective and completing them will bring rewards. To compliment all this new material, the Human, Zabrak, and Twi'lek species have been given visual updates. Their appearance has been improved to take advantage of new graphics technologies. As new Chapters for Star Wars Galaxies are released, other playable species will receive these visual enhancements.

August 6. 2006

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